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Daniel Healy Solwold Jr. (born April 15, 1978), better known by the ring name Austin Aries, is an American professional wrestler.He is known for his work in several promotions, including WWE, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), and Ring of Honor (ROH). He is a one-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, a six-time and the longest-reigning X Division Champion (he also created the title's "Option C"), a one-time TNA World Tag Team Champion, the first two-time ROH World Champion, and a one-time ROH World Tag Team Champion.

 The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
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Date of Birth: April 15, 1978
From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Pro Wrestling Debut: 2000
Austin Aries (born Daniel Healy Solwold, Jr. on April 15th 1978) is a professional wrestler with world-class credentials and 13 years of in-ring experience. He is currently under contract with TNA Impact Wrestling and serves as a focal point of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV every Thursday night, as well as live shows and pay-per-view events. Aries is a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, World Tag Team Champion, and two-time X-Division Champion. He is one of five performers to capture all three major titles – known as the Triple Crown. He also had successful stints for Ring of Honor, and is that promotion’s only multi-time World Champion. Continue Reading?

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House Of Hardcore 36 Results
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Austin Aries def Joey Mercury via interference from Tommy Dreamer

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205 Live Results-May 23rd,2017
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Austin Aries and Neville are joining us live via satellite for an interview with Corey Graves. Neville denies that the Submission Match will be the greatest challenge of his career. He says since he stepped foot in the ring he has defeated everyone, including Austin Aries twice, and calls Corey delusional. Aries corrects him and says the last time they got in the ring together, he was the winner. Neville says he has had multiple opportunities. Aries reminds him that at WrestleMania the champion cheated to retain, then did the same at Payback. He says he’s been down this road before, and it’s not the first time someone has taken the easy way out at his expense, or found himself a sidekick to do their dirty work to screw him over. Neville calls his story a fairytale, and tells him to walk away now because he will not be held responsible for what happens at Extreme Rules.

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205 Live Results-May 9th,2017
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The opening segment of the show is a “Gentleman’s Toast” arranged by Jack Gallagher for Austin Aries. The ring itself is decorated with a red carpet and the union flag. The Gentleman himself, Jack Gallagher gets a nice reception from the London crowd. He receives a “Jackie Boy” chant. Gallagher has arranged this toast and has invited Aries to thank him for his help last night on Raw. He calls his perpetrator from last night TJP, “Theodore Jeeves Perkins”.

Aries arrives to the ring and tries to endear himself to the crowd by speaking in an English accent. Gallagher gets Aries a pint of beer. Austin says that he prefers wine and gets booed. Austin says that wine is good for the heart. Gallagher says that he will make note of that for the next time. Gallagher then leads the crowd in a “Jolly Good Fellow” song for Aries….. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville’s music hits and interrupts the sing along. Neville calls the crowd and country of england cretins and says that they all should be ashamed of themselves. Aries comes to England’s defense. Neville mocks Austin’s toast and instead toasts him with his title. Neville tells Aries that he is toasting to the end of Aries career on ‘205 Live” tonight. Just then TJP appears and runs into the ring and attacks Aries. Neville gets into the action and double teams Gallagher with TJP. Aries recovers and makes the save. He throws Neville over the broadcast desk at ringside and starts pounding away at him. Meanwhile, Gallagher gets his hands on TJP inside the ring. He spits beer in his face and headbutts him multiple times. Aries comes in to the ring to hit his discus forearm. Neville and TJP retreat and Aries and Gallagher toast to each other and drink a pint of beer.

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Payback Results – April 30th, 2017
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Cruiserweight Championship Match: Neville (c) vs Austin Aries

Aries forces Neville into the corner. The referee breaks it up. Aries whips Neville into the ropes and takes him over with a Japanese arm drag. Neville locks in an armbar. Aries drops down, flips out and reverses the hold. Aries lands two more deep arm drags. Neville reverses into a head scissors. Aries headstands out and dropkicks Neville in the face. Aries poses on the top rope. Neville sends Aries out to the apron. Neville walks into a bionic elbow. Aries lands a topé into the ring. Neville rolls to the outside. Aries springboards to the outside onto Neville. Aries rolls Neville back into the ring. Aries climbs up top for the 450 but Neville dropkicks Aries legs, crotching him on the top rope. Neville stomps Aries in the corner. Neville whips Aries into the corner, hard. Neville locks in a side headlock. Aries tries to fight out of it but Neville slams him face first to the mat.

Neville hits a missile dropkick off the top. Neville jaws with the crowd as Aries is writhing in pain on the mat. As Neville has his back turned Aries dropkick Neville off the second rope. Neville is sent careening to the outside. Neville tries to get back in the ring. Aries grabs him for a suplex but Neville reverses it. Aries hits the STO into the pendulum backbreaker. basement back elbow off the top by Aries for a near fall. Neckbreaker on the middle rope by Aries. Neville falls to the outside. Heat seeking missile by Aries. Aries tries to lock in the last chancery but Neville fights out of it. Aries misses the discus five-arm. Neville kicks Aries in the gut. Aries grabs Neville and hits a knee breaker into a back suplex. Neville stumbles into the corner. Aries lands a running elbow in the corner. Aries sets up the 450. Neville gets to his feet. Neville hops up to the top rope but Aries knock him down. Aries locks in the last chancery. Neville is trying desperately to get to the ropes. Neville is trapped. Neville grabs the official’s shirt and pulls him down to the mat. The referee has no choice but to call for the bell.

Winner by DQ, Austin Aries

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205 Live Results – April 25th, 2017
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Neville vs. Jack Gallagher

Neville gets frustrated earlier on that he can’t get his hands on the faster Gentlemen Jack. He steals his umbrella and throws it up the entrance ramp, but turns around into a suicide dive. The champ takes control with a cheap shot, and starts stomping away at Gallagher, stalking him around the ring. He throws him into the corner and puts the boots to him, choking him in the ropes until the referee forces him to stop. Jack tries to get to his feet but Neville just kicks him in the head and goes into a side headlock to slow things down. The beatdown continues for several minutes, including a stiff dropkick to the back of the head, right back into the side headlock.

Gallagher rolls up the champ out of nowhere and almost steals a victory, which just makes him more angry and continues the beatdown. Jack mans up and hits him with a brutal headbutt for two-and-a-half. They go back and forth with big moves and nearfalls, with pinning combos, neither being able to pick up the win. Neville goes for the Red Arrow, but Gallagher crotches him on the ropes and tries for a superplex; Neville knocks him down and hits him with a running boot. He locks in the Rings of Saturn and gets the submission almost immediately.

Winner: Neville

Neville keeps his submission locked in after the match until the referee threatens to reverse the decision. He walks up the ramp celebrating his victory with the Cruiserweight Championship, but sees the referee trying to help Gallagher and attacks him from behind. He stomps away at Jack on the ramp until Austin Aries runs out the two immediately start to brawl. Aries locks him in the Last Chancery until officials run out and separate them. The show ends with Neville down on the ramp and Aries staring him down from the ring.

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205 Live Results – March 7th,2017
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Aries has secured his greatest interview to date, it’s himself. Aries thanks himself for being here. Why did Aries decide to leave the announcer’s booth and punch Neville in the face? He punched Neville in the face because he could. For the last three months, he has been sitting at the announce table because he had a broken eye hole. If you want to earn respect, you find the toughest guy in the room and you punch him in the face. The toughest guy in the room was Neville. He’s the King of the Cruiserweight’s and the top of 205 Live, until he got here. That’s why he punched Neville in the face. What’s next for Austin Aries. With that left hand to Neville’s face last night, Austin Aries has officially became an in ring specialist. Neville comes out to interrupt Aries.

Last night was a momentary lapse in judgment but you have gone off the deep end. Aries hides behind the announce table and acts like a fool. Now Aries thinks he’s on Neville’s level? Aries doesn’t think he is at Neville’s level. Neville is at the A Level, but Aries is at the A Double Level. The level around here is the Neville Level and Aries is not even close. Aries should consider this career move very carefully and scuttle back to his announce desk where he belongs.

Aries doesn’t have to be at the announce table and Neville can come to the ring and tell him the joke about the Cruiserweight Champion getting chin checked two weeks in a row. Neville would come to the ring but, Aries doesn’t belong in the same ring as him. Neville doesn’t have to lift a finger to get rid of Aries. He mocked the division and now Aries thinks he belongs at the top of the ladder. There’s a locker room of talent more than willing to oblige. Neville speaks for the locker room? Aries has been writing checks his entire career and his ass has been cashing them. Anyone who has a problem with him to come to the ring.

Third Match: Austin Aries vs. Tony Nese

Aries and Nese goes into the collar and elbow tie up. Aries applies a side headlock. Nese with a waist lock take down. Nese flex’s. Aries grapples around Nese. Aries with quick cover for a one count. Aries grounds Nese with a side headlock. Aries dives over Nese. Aries with a series of arm-drags to Nese. Nese applies a leg scissors hold. Aries handstands out of the hold and connects with a basement dropkick. Nese begins to talk smack to Aries. Aries lands a left hand. Nese tosses Aries to the outside. Aries with a double strike across the head of Nese.

Aries connects with a slingshot senton for a two count. Aries with a running uppercut. Aries with a flying elbow to the back of Nese’s neck. Nese rolls out of the ring. Aries goes for a suicide dive, but Nese blocks it. Aries goes for the O’Connor Roll, but Nese immediately kicks out. Aries with a neck breaker off the second rope. Aries ascends to the top rope. Nese attacks Aries. Nese plants Aries with a gut buster. Nese with the cover, but Aries kicks out. Nese gets Aries in a body scissors hold.

Aries gets Nese shoulders in a pinning position for a two count. Nese tosses Aries out of the ring. Nese cartwheels off the ring apron. Nese proceeds to SuperKick Aries. Nese goes for the cover, but Aries kicks out at two. Nese begins to slap Aries in the face. Aries with a series of clotheslines. Aries connects with a gut buster. Aries follows that up with a STO. Aries with a Pendulum Elbow. Aries goes for the cover, but Nese plants Aries with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a two count. Aries lands a back elbow. Aries connects with the suicide dive. Aries rolls Nese back into the ring. Aries with the Roaring Elbow to pickup the victory.

Winner: Austin Aries

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RAW Results – March 6th, 2017
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Cruiserweight Championship Match: Neville (c) vs Rich Swann

As soon as the bell rings Swann clotheslines Neville twice. Swann charges at Neville, but Neville ducks. Swann front flips over Neville and dropkicks him. Neville flies to the outside of the ring. Swann goes to the outside and tosses Neville into the barricade. Neville pushes Swann away, then throws Swann head first into the ring apron. Neville isn’t done. Nevill grabs Swann by his hair and throws him head first into the LED board on the side of the ring.

After a short break, Neville is working a rear chin lock on Swann. Neville attempts a springboard, but Swann kicks him in the head. Neville tumbles to the outside. Swann climbs the top rope and hits a swanton bomb on Neville. Back in the ring, Neville catches Swann with a low kick. Neville whips Swann into the ropes, but Swann explodes off the ropes with a hurricanranna. Swann kicks Neville in the gut and hits a modified Michinoku driver for a two count. Swann goes up top, but Neville cuts him off. Superplex off the top by Neville. Before Neville can pin Swann, Swann rolls to the outside. Neville drives Swann head first into the barricade.

After another break, Neville and Swann trade strikes. Neville attempts a German suplex, but Swan lands on his feet. Swann grabs Neville by the waist and destroys him with an overhead German suplex. Neville staggers to his feet. Swann almost decapitates Neville with a superkick for a two count. Swann goes up top but misses a Phoenix splash. Neville locks in the modified rings of Saturn for the submission victory.

Winner: Neville

After the match, Austin Aries hits the ring and asks Neville how does it feel to be on top of the mountain. The crowd chants “Austin Aries”. Neville says he has done exactly what he said he would do. To everyone who overlooked him and doubted him, look at him now. Neville holds the belt up over his head. Neville adds that he has laid waste to pretender after pretender. A loud what chant breaks out. Neville goes on to say there is no one on 205 Live that can hold a candle to him. Aries says he thinks the people can’t hear Neville. Aries asks Neville if he is sure he can’t think of anyone who can compete with him. The crowd starts to scream “Austin Aries” again. Aries says it seems the WWE Universe would disagree with Neville. Neville says Aries can not be seriously be considering himself. There is no way Aries is on his level. Neville tells Aries to go back to the announce booth before he re-breaks Aries orbital socket. Aries says he is just trying to do his job. Aries says he just as one more question for Neville. Well, it isn’t a question, it’s more of a statement. Aries hits Neville in the head with the microphone. Aries hits the ropes and obliterates Neville with a roarin elbow. Neville takes a powder.

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WWE NXT Results:NXT Takeover Brooklyn August 20th,2016
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No Way Jose vs Austin Aries

Jose tries to lock up with Aries, but Aries avoids him. Aries goes behind Jose with a waist lock and takes Jose down to the mat. Aries slaps Jose’s back and laughs. Jose gets up and stares down Aries. Aries tries to shake Jose’s hand. Jose punches Aries in the face. Jose slaps Aries in the back, then steps on Aries’ head. Jose adds a little shimmy for good measure. Aries avoids a haymaker from Jose by rolling out of the ring. Jose follows, but Aries sprints away. Aries gets back in the ring and Jose levels him with a stiff right hand. Jose attempts to set up what looks like a top rope Samoan drop, but Aries reverses it and drops Jose neck first on the top turnbuckle. Aries stomps on Jose and hits a running elbow. Aries lands a back elbow off the second rope to the back of Jose’s head for a two count. Aries locks in a rear chin lock. Jose tries to fight out of it but Aries drops him to the mat. Jose fires up again and sends Aries to the outside.

Aries climbs up on the apron, but before he can get in the ring Jose slams him head first on each turnbuckle. Jose tries to drag Aries back in the ring but Aries holds onto the bottom rope. Aries manages to hit a knee breaker into a back suplex. Aries puts Jose in the Last Chancery, but Jose gets to the ropes. Aries punches Jose in the face, then hits the ropes a roaring elbow. Jose ducks and hits a TKO for a two count. Jose sets up his half nelson slam, but Aries sends him to the outside. Diving topé by Aries. Aries calls for the brainbuster, but Jose reverses it into a modified falcon arrow for a long two count. Aries hits the roaring elbow, but Jose hits the ropes and turns Aries inside out with a lariat. Jose tries his finisher again, but Aries backs him into the corner. Aries crucifix bombs Jose for another near fall. Diving corner dropkicks by Aries for another two count. Aries goes up top, but Jose cuts him off and uppercuts him. Jose mounts the top rope and they trade punches. Aries hits a sunset flip bomb off the top into the Last Chancery for the win!

Winner- Austin Aries

After the match, Aries attacks Jose. Hideo Itami comes to make the save. Itami hits the KENTA combo, followed but the GO TO SLEEEEEEEEEP! Aries is out like a light.

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WWE NXT Results:July 20th,2016
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Austin Aries vs Patrick Clark

Aries grabs a wrist lock, but Clark reverses it into a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Aries forces Clark into the corner. Aries hits a running dropkick in the corner. Clark rolls to the apron. Clark hits Aries with a forearm. Clark attempts a springboard, but Aries catches him with a forearm midair. Aries picks Clark up for a knee breaker that he transitions into backdrop driver. As soon as Clark hits the mat Aries locks in the last chancery. Clark taps outs immediately.

Winner- Austin Aries

After the match, No Way Jose attacks Aries.

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WWE NXT Results | May 25th, 2016
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Austin Aries is in the ring. Aries says he doesn’t want to be the best. When you are the best you can only be the best until someone better comes along. This is the reason he prefers to be the greatest. Timing is everything and when he arrived in NXT there were others that came and took the spotlight. A loud Nakamura chant starts. Aries says none of that matters now. Whoever wins the NXT title cage match will have to face him next. Before Aries could finish his thought, Shinsuke Nakamura comes to the ring. Nakamura grabs a mic and starts speaking in Japanese. He apologizes to Aries and asks him if he understands Japanese. Aries says he doesn’t understand him. Nakamura says the NXT title isn’t coming to greatness, it’s coming to the king. William Regal comes out and tells Aries and Nakamura that they will face each other at Takeover

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