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Daniel Healy Solwold Jr. (born April 15, 1978), better known by the ring name Austin Aries, is an American professional wrestler.He is known for his work in several promotions, including WWE, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), and Ring of Honor (ROH). He is a one-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, a six-time and the longest-reigning X Division Champion (he also created the title's "Option C"), a one-time TNA World Tag Team Champion, the first two-time ROH World Champion, and a one-time ROH World Tag Team Champion.

 The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
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Date of Birth: April 15, 1978
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Austin Aries (born Daniel Healy Solwold, Jr. on April 15th 1978) is a professional wrestler with world-class credentials and 13 years of in-ring experience. He is currently under contract with TNA Impact Wrestling and serves as a focal point of Impact Wrestling on Spike TV every Thursday night, as well as live shows and pay-per-view events. Aries is a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, World Tag Team Champion, and two-time X-Division Champion. He is one of five performers to capture all three major titles – known as the Triple Crown. He also had successful stints for Ring of Honor, and is that promotion’s only multi-time World Champion. Continue Reading?

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Defiant Wrestling Results – March 1, 2018
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After a back and forth match, with many false counts… Austin Aries reigns supreme

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House Of Hardcore 36 Results
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Austin Aries def Joey Mercury via interference from Tommy Dreamer

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House Of Hardcore 35 Results: November 18, 207
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Before his match at House of Hardcore, Austin Aries took to the microphone and let the crowd in on what’s been going on. He said that for years, he tried to be someone other than himself. He went on to say that all that has changed. He will be himself and tell his truth.

Austin Aries def Alex Reynolds (w/ Maxwell Jacob Friedman) via submission

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205 Live Results-May 9th,2017
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The opening segment of the show is a “Gentleman’s Toast” arranged by Jack Gallagher for Austin Aries. The ring itself is decorated with a red carpet and the union flag. The Gentleman himself, Jack Gallagher gets a nice reception from the London crowd. He receives a “Jackie Boy” chant. Gallagher has arranged this toast and has invited Aries to thank him for his help last night on Raw. He calls his perpetrator from last night TJP, “Theodore Jeeves Perkins”.

Aries arrives to the ring and tries to endear himself to the crowd by speaking in an English accent. Gallagher gets Aries a pint of beer. Austin says that he prefers wine and gets booed. Austin says that wine is good for the heart. Gallagher says that he will make note of that for the next time. Gallagher then leads the crowd in a “Jolly Good Fellow” song for Aries….. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville’s music hits and interrupts the sing along. Neville calls the crowd and country of england cretins and says that they all should be ashamed of themselves. Aries comes to England’s defense. Neville mocks Austin’s toast and instead toasts him with his title. Neville tells Aries that he is toasting to the end of Aries career on ‘205 Live” tonight. Just then TJP appears and runs into the ring and attacks Aries. Neville gets into the action and double teams Gallagher with TJP. Aries recovers and makes the save. He throws Neville over the broadcast desk at ringside and starts pounding away at him. Meanwhile, Gallagher gets his hands on TJP inside the ring. He spits beer in his face and headbutts him multiple times. Aries comes in to the ring to hit his discus forearm. Neville and TJP retreat and Aries and Gallagher toast to each other and drink a pint of beer.

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205 Live Results – April 11, 2017
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Austin Aries is in the interview area and he is asked about TJ Perkins’ attack on Raw.  Austin says that TJ is taking out his frustrations.  TJ is showing a lack of judgment.  He says he knows what is going on.  Neville is not TJ’s friend.  Neville wants a puppet and Aries says he is the puppet master.  Austin says that TJ is Neville’s buffer and Neville’s attempt to keep him out of Payback.  He will continue this until he becomes the Cruiserweight Champion.  Aries says he needs to finish his banana and he leaves.

We go to commercial.

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Wrestlemania 33 Results – April 2, 2017
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WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Austin Aries vs. Neville

We go to the ring and out comes Austin Aries as Greg Hamilton makes the introduction. Tom Phillips welcomes us and he’s joined by Corey Graves. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville is out next.

The bell rings and fans chant for Aries. They lock up and go at it. Neville drops Aries with a shoulder. Neville mocks Aries before they prepare to lock up again. They lock up after some stalling by Neville. They trade holds until Aries catches Neville with a Japanese arm drag. Neville ends up avoiding Last Chancery early on. He goes to the floor and Aries taunts him from the ring. Neville comes back in and they go at it. Aries gets the upperhand and hits a dropkick. Aries with an elbow in the corner. Aries goes to the second rope for an elbow to the back of the neck for a 2 count.

Neville goes back to the floor and Aries runs for a dive but Neville meets him with a boot. Neville goes to the top and nails a big dropkick for a 2 count. We go to a break with Neville in control.

Back from the break and Neville has Aries grounded. Aries makes a comeback after Neville misses from the top. Aries with a gutbuster and the Pendulum elbow. Neville counters but gets dumped over the top rope to the floor. Aries goes to the top and comes crashing down on Neville on the floor. Aries goes back into the ring to nail the dive, sending Neville into the barrier. Aries brings it back into the ring for a close 2 count. Neville takes Aries to the corner and the referee has to warn him. Neville with a kick to the jaw. Neville takes Aries to the top for a superplex. Aries fights him. Neville jumps to the mat and lands on his feet. Aries comes off the top with a missile dropkick and nails Neville for a close 2 count.

Neville ends up catching Aries in a snap German suplex. Aries looks to make a comeback but Neville stops the discus forearm and drops Aries on his head with a German. Aries kicks out at 2. Neville stomps Aries in the face in the corner now. Neville pulls Aries over and goes for the Rings of Saturn but Aries turns it into a 2 count. They trade shots in the middle of the ring now. Aries nails the big Discus Fivearm but Neville goes to the floor to avoid the pin. Aries goes out and brings Neville back in but Neville stays on the apron. Neville nails a kick to the head. Neville goes to the top for Red Arrow but Aries cuts him off and climbs up.

Aries nails a huge hurricanrana and then a running forearm in the corner. Aries goes to the top and nails the 450 for a close 2 count. Aries goes right into the Last Chancery in the middle of the ring. Neville rakes and digs at Aries’ previously injured eye socket. Neville with another shot before going to the top as the referee warns him. Neville nails Red Arrow for the win.

Winner: Neville

After the match, Neville begins his celebration as we go to replays. Neville poses on the ropes with the title while Aries holds a towel over his injured eye. Tom sends us back to the panel.

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205 Live Results – March 28, 2017
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WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville comes to the ring. He says he’s at a crossroads and at a time of reflection of his life and career. He says he hasn’t had it easy. He goes over his injury last year and his comeback to 205 Live and says he’s carried the brand. He calls Aries a commentary clown and says the universe would rather cheer Aries than himself. He throws it to footage of 205 Live without Neville. It’s a black screen. Well played. Enter Austin Aries.

Aries says there’s a difference between he and Neville. He says Neville makes excuses to make himself feel good. Aries goes on to put Neville over, but says he’s that much better. He says he adds humor and wit to make things fun so he’s not miserable like Neville. Aries says he and Neville are alike as well. They both had to work hard to get where they are and prove people wrong, which gives them both egos. Aries says it doesn’t matter where they are on the card, they can both tear the house down, and that’s what they’ll do at WrestleMania. Aries says Neville knows exactly who he is and will take the championship. The feel good story ends there. Neville decks Aries and leaves him laying. Neville thinks about leaving, but has another idea. Aries hits Neville with a mic and locks in the Last Chancery. Neville slips out and hightails it up the ramp as we head off the air.

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205 Live Results – March 21, 2017
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Austin Aries makes his way to the ring and he gives a child on the rail a banana peel.

Austin says since the interview went so poorly last night, he wants to try again on 205 Live.  In order to make it great, he got rid of the thing that did not work, he will not involve Neville.  Aries will asked and answered his own questions.

Aries asks himself why does he think Neville calls himself the King of the Cruiserweights.  Aries says some people would say that Neville is overcompensating for lack of self esteem or other deficiencies.

Aries asks himself what makes him think he is on Neville’s level.  Aries says he is not on Neville’s level.  He is on a whole other level than Neville.  He is on the A Double Level.

Aries asks himself for the most embarrassing information about Neville.

Neville’s pyro goes off and interrupts Aries.

Aries says he does not need Neville out here unless he wants to tell the embarrassing story.

Neville says that Aries is talking himself into an early grave.

Aries reminds Neville of what happened the last time Neville interrupted an interview.  Aries calls Neville a Debbie Downer and he says that is why no one likes him.

Neville tells Aries to quit while he is ahead.  He tells Aries to leave so he can teach a lesson to Mustafa Ali.

Aries heads out of the ring but he has to say something to Neville.  Aries says he has not spoken too much because he will be doing color commentary for Neville’s match.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three:  Neville versus Mustafa Ali in a Non Title Match

Neville circles Ali and then they lock up.  Neville with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Neville tells Ali to leave the ring but Ali is not going anywhere.  Neville with a wrist lock into a side head lock take down and Neville gets a near fall.  Neville with a shoulder tackle and Ali kips up.  Neville has a kick blocked and Neville counters a wheelbarrow by slamming Ali’s face to the mat. Neville with a kick.  Neville sends Ali into the corner.

Neville sends Ali over the top rope but Ali lands on the apron.  Neville has something to say to Aries and Ali rolls into the ring and hits a clothesline.  Ali with a head scissors and drop kick for a near fall.  Ali backs Neville into the corner.  They lock up and Neville backs Ali into the corner.  Neville with kicks and he chokes Ali.  Neville sends Ali into the air and he lands chest first on the mat.

Neville gets a near fall.  Neville kicks Ali and then connects with a knee to the head.  Neville chokes Ali in front of Aries.  Neville with a hard Irish whip and then he gets a near fall.  Neville with a snap mare and drop kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Neville with a reverse chin lock.  Ali sends Neville to the apron and Ali with a round kick to send Neville to the floor.  Ali with a cross body onto Neville from the turnbuckles to the floor.

Neville gets back into the ring first and Ali gets back in at nine.  Ali with a drop kick to Neville but he misses a forearm.  Ali with an enzuigiri and then Ali with a rolling neck breaker for a near fall.  Neville with a forearm that backs Ali into the corner.  Ali with a back elbow and he goes for a tornado DDT but Neville blocks it and he crotches Ali on the top rope.  Neville goes to the turnbuckles but Ali with a punch.  Ali with a C4 but Neville kicks out.  Ali goes to the turnbuckles for the inward 450 splash but Neville rolls away.  Ali with a DDT for a near fall.  Ali puts Neville in position and Ali goes up top for the inward 450 splash but Neville goes to the apron.  Neville with an enzuigiri and Ali lays across the ring post.  Neville goes up top and he hits a German superplex and both men are down.

Neville looks around and he pulls Ali out of the ring and Neville swings Ali into the ring post.  Neville picks up what is left of Ali and drags it in front of Aries.  Neville gestures to Aries and then they return to the ring.  Neville has something to say to Aries and then he applies the Rings of Saturn and Ali taps out.

Winner:  Neville

After the match, Neville goes to the floor in front of Aries but officials get between them before anything can happen.

We go to credits.

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205 Live Results – March 14, 2017
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Match Number Three:  Austin Aries versus Akira Tozawa versus Brian Kendrick versus Tony Nese versus TJ Perkins in a Number One Contender Elimination Match

Before the match starts we get the obligatory point to the sign.

Aries goes to the turnbuckles and Kendrick goes to the floor.  Nese kicks Tozawa to the floor and Kendrick sends Tozawa into the ringside barrier.  Aries with a running drop kick to Nese for a near fall.  Aries and Perkins lock up and Perkins with a wrist lock. Aries with a reversal and side head lock.  Perkins with a top wrist lock and Aries with a side head lock.  Perkins with a sunset flip but Aries rolls through.  Perkins with a head scissors and drop kick.  Aries kicks Perkins and punches him.  Aries floats over on an Irish whip and then Perkins with a head scissors but Aries escapes and hits a drop kick.  Aries with a running elbow to Perkins followed by a snap mare.

Aries with a corkscrew back elbow to Perkins and TJ goes to the floor.  Kendrick hits Aries and Tozawa gets Kendrick to flinch and Tozawa with a jab.  Nese hits Tozawa from behind and Tozwa with a jab.  Kendrick pulls Tozawa to the floor and he sends Tozawa into the announce table.  Aries with a suicide dive to Nese and he gets a near fall at the same time Kendrick gets a near fall on Tozawa.

Kendrick kicks Tozawa to the floor and Aries sends Nese to the floor.  Kendrick with forearms and he sends Aries to the floor. Kendrick kicks Perkins and tries to send him to the floor but Perkins gets in the ropes.  Perkins with a series of kick and a drop kick followed by an elbow.  Nese with a back elbow to Perkins for a near fall.  Nese with a slam for a near fall followed by a body scissors from Nese.  Nese with a waist lock and Tozawa goes up top and he leaps over both men.  Tozawa with a kick to Nese followed by a snap German suplex on Nese but Kendrick breaks up the cover.

Tozawa with a Shining Wizard but Kendrick with a sunset flip and Tozawa rolls through and kicks Kendrick and hits a back senton.  Tozawa knocks Kendrick off the apron and Tozawa with a suicide dive.  Perkins with a corkscrew pescado onto Tozawa. Nese with a Fosbury Flop onto Tozawa and Perkins.  Aries goes up top but Kendrick pushes him off and Aries hits the ringside barrier.

Nese pulls down the knee pad and he hits a running knee on Aries and the ringside barrier explodes.  The referee checks on Aries and Nese.  Nese sends Perkins in the ring.  Perkins gets Nese on his shoulders but Nese escapes.  Perkins with a cross arm breaker on Nese and Nese taps out.

Tony Nese Eliminated

Nese with a clothesline to Perkins after he was eliminated.  Tozawa with a bicycle kick to Nese.  Kendrick with Sliced Bread #2 to eliminate Tozawa.

Akira Tozawa Eliminated

Kendrick with the Captain’s Hook but Perkins escapes.  Perkins crotches Kendrick on a Sliced Bread attempt. They fight on the turnbuckles and Perkins wtih forearms to the back.  Perkins with crossfaces and Aries gets back into the ring for a power bomb Tower of Doom on Perkins and Kendrick.  All three men are down.

Aries and Perkins punch Kendrick and then Aries chops Perkins and Aries with a back slide for a near fall. Aries boxes the ears and Aries goes for a brainbuster but Perkins escapes.  Aries with a rollup for a near fall. Aries with a lateral press when Kendrick grabs Perkins on a Detonation Kick attempt.  Perkins is pinned by Aries and Kendrick.

TJ Perkins Eliminated

Perkins drop kicks Aries when Kendrick has Aries in the Captain’s Hook.  Perkins kicks Kendrick and Aries with a Rolling Elbow to Perkins to knock him off the apron.  Kendrick with Sliced Bread #2 but Aries kicks out.  Kendrick with the Captain’s Hook. Aries uses the ropes to get to his feet and he hits a rolling elbow to get the three count.

Winner:  Austin Aries

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Raw Results – March 13, 2017
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We take a look at Austin Aries with Neville from last week’s Raw and 205 Live.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Six:  Austin Aries versus Ariya Daivari

Daivari with a kick but Aries with a forearm and he sends Daivari into the turnbuckles.  Aries with an arm drag but Daivari with a head scissors.  Aries with a headstand and he hits a drop kick.  Aries goes to the turnbuckles to relax.  Aries with forearms but Daivari back drops Aries over the top rope to the floor.  Daivari with forearms to the back.  Daivari with a hammer lock and short arm clothesline for a near fall.  Daivari works on the surgically repaired orbital bone.  Daivari with a chop.  Aries boxes the ears and then he hits a clothesline and back elbow.  Aries with a chop and gutbuster followed by a slam.  Aries with a pendulum elbow.

Daivari with an elbow but Aries sends Daivari to the floor and Aries with a suicide dive.  Aries sends Daivari back in and Aries with an atomic drop to the knee followed by a belly-to-back suplex  Aries with a rolling elbow for the three count.

Winner:  Austin Aries

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